Swedish Flower Hens

About the Breed

Swedish Flower Hens (Skånsk blommehöna) are a rare, landrace breed of chicken native to Sweden. Their name translates to  "bloom hen" and are named so for their unique and colorful plumage of  spotted feathers. This breed was once fairly common in its native  country, but began to decline by the 1800's due to the introduction of  meat and egg production birds.  By the 1980's, the breed was thought to  be entirely extinct until members from the Swedish Country Poultry Club  discovered a few remaining flocks in the remote villages. At the time,  only an estimated 500 birds remained.   The remaining Swedish Flower Hens were collected and added to the  country's newly formed gene bank. In 2010, the breed was imported into  the United States for the first time by Greenfire Farm. Their popularity  has since grown and an effort had been made to preserve this rare but  wonderful breed.

Breed Characteristics

  • Class: Not recognized by the APA
  • Size: Large Fowl (5 1/2- 8 pounds)
  • Purpose: Dual purpose. Proficient egg layer.
  • Egg color: Cream, beige, pink
  • Personality: Friendly, intelligent
  • Confinement: Do great free ranging

Our Birds

Swedish Flower Hens are one of our top favorite birds on our farm. Not only are they one of our most beautiful breeds, but they are also one of our friendliest. They are proficient layers of large, tan eggs and are an excellent free ranging breed. Although we have held back from breeding Swedish Flower Hens in the past, we may offer hatching eggs and chicks this year. Our birds consists of various lines, including those from German imported Swedish Flower Hens.