Double-Laced Barnevelders


Double Laced Barnevelders are a beautiful breed that are most known for their spectacular lacing and brown eggs. We have a beautiful pair that spend their days free ranging. Although we have bred Barnevelders in the past, we have decided to focus on our other breeds at this time.

Blue Fibromelanistic Easter Eggers


A project in the works! 

The genetics involving fibromelanism result in the dark skin color seen in certain breeds of chickens, such as Silkies and Ayam Cemanis. While working together with Dragonfly Farm, we were able to produce a bird that shows stunning blue feathering and excellent fibromelanistic traits. Pullets from this project should lay a blue to blue-green colored egg.

We have decided to focus only on the Black Copper variety of Marans at this time. Our original birds were sourced from 3 different lines, and our primary focus is to breed birds that meet the SOP as closely as possible while also selecting for dark egg color. As you can probably imagine, this goal is incredibly difficult, and makes Marans one of the hardest breeds to work on!