Black Copper Marans

About the Breed.

Marans are excellent dual purpose birds, but are  best known for their dark chocolate egg color. This breed is native to the port city of Marans, France and their origins  involve land-race birds from France breeding with cock birds brought  from Asia. Over time, they were specifically bred to retain both meat  and egg production qualities. These birds were most likely first imported into the United States through  American soldiers returning from World War II. 


  • Class: Continental. 
  • Size: Large Fowl (6 1/2 - 8 pounds).
  • Purpose: Dual purpose.
  • Egg color: Dark chocolate-russet.
  • Personality: Confident, friendly.
  • Confinement: Do well free-ranged or confined.

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Our Birds.

We have decided to focus only on the Black Copper variety of Marans at this time. Our original birds were sourced from 3 different lines, and our primary focus is to breed birds that meet the SOP as closely as possible while also selecting for dark egg color. As you can probably imagine, this goal is incredibly difficult, and makes Marans one of the hardest breeds to work on!  

Black Copper Marans