About the Breed

Malay chickens are arguably one of the most ancient breeds of poultry in the world. They are also the tallest breed, measuring anywhere from 26 inches plus at the head. They were once widely distributed throughout India, Indonesia, Malaysia and surrounding areas around the time that Europeans discovered them. By 1846, the breed was brought to America and by 1883, the Black Breasted Red variety was accepted into the American Poultry Association as a standard bred bird.

Malay were bred as game fowl and are not necessarily the best choice for meat or egg production. However, they have much to offer in terms of preserving diverse genetics that are no longer found in modern breeds of poultry.

Breed Characteristics

  • Class: AOSB
  • Size: Large Fowl
  • Purpose: Game birds
  • Egg color: Tan/Beige 
  • Personality: Friendly and alert. Slow to mature.
  • Confinement: Malay do best in large enclosures or in a free-ranging environment. They require more exercise compared to other birds due to their height and large size. Since they are hard feathered, they need adequate protection from the cold and rain.  

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Our Birds

We currently raised White, Black Breasted Red, and Wheaten Malays. Our birds have done better than expected at the few shows we have attended, with one of our cockerels winning Best of Variety, Best of Breed, and Champion AOSB. We even received positive feedback from the judge, which is always nice. We hope to offer eggs as well as chicks this year.