Update for 2019

This past year, we made the decision to sell most of our groups of quail to focus more on our poultry. As a result, we no longer breed Blue Scaled quail, Gambel's quail, or Coturnix quail. This was a tough decision, but a necessary one. It is definitely not permanent, however, and we hope to get back into raising them this year or next. 

We will still continue to breed Northern Bobwhites, Mexican Speckled Bobwhites, and Snowflake Bobwhites.


Bobwhite Quail

Mexican Speckled Quail

The Northern Bobwhite quail (olinus virginianus) is  a species of new world quail that is indigenous to the United States.  Unfortunately, this beautiful bird has experienced a sharp decline in  its population throughout eastern North America. According to the  National Wildlife Federation, it can be estimated that 85% of the  population has diminished from 1966 to 2014. Much of this is attributed  to habitat loss.

We currently have Northern, Snowflake and Mexican Speckled Bobwhite varieties. 

 Hatching eggs and chicks will be available on a seasonal basis only.

More information about Bobwhite quail here

Ring-necked Pheasants


Ring-necked Pheasants were introduced to the United States from Asia during the 1880's.  Almost immediately they became one of the most popular upland game birds due to the males beautiful plumage and flighty nature. Populations of released birds thrive throughout parts of the United States and Canada. 

Hatching eggs and chicks will be available on a limited, seasonal basis. 

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