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- Current Availability (Updated 4/24/19): -

Lavender Ameraucana

We‘re full! Thank you to everyone that placed an order. We will begin shipping out the first orders at the end of May.  


🌻We are now taking pre-orders for Self Blue (Lavender) Ameraucana hatching eggs.🌻 

Our Ameraucanas are our primary focus here, and we have selected only the best birds to use in our breeding program. Our goal is to produce birds that meet the proposed standard of perfection as closely as possible. However, we also strive to produce birds with good temperaments and excellent laying capacity. This year I have chosen two cock birds and 8 hens. Two hens are from from my Paul Smith group of birds, by which I think have much to offer. The other birds, including two of my cock birds, are all from my original line.  

🌿Due to the high interest in our Ameraucanas, there will be a limited number of spots available to be sure that these orders can be filled in a timely manner.

🌿All pre-orders for hatching eggs will require a 20%, nonrefundable deposit and names will be placed on our list in order of payments received. We will contact you 1-2 weeks before your order is ready to be shipped, by which the remaining payment will be due. 

We accept PayPal (friends and family option)  only for preorder deposits.

 🌿Orders will begin shipping out around the last week of May. 

🌿There is a one dozen limit.

🌿Price is $60 per dozen.

•Shipping is an additional $20 per dozen for eggs shipped anywhere within the continental United States. We cannot ship outside of the United States.

🌿Local pick up is available in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

🤝We guarantee that eggs will arrive to you intact and ready for incubation. However, we cannot guarantee hatch rates due to a variety of factors (i.e. shipping and handling, incubation methods, etc.) beyond our control. If you do not feel comfortable with this risk, please reconsider your purchase. Shipped hatching eggs are always a risk, but we do our best to accommodate any issues or concerns.

🌿You can contact us through here, on Instagram, or our Facebook page. Our website message relay is sometimes faulty, so it may be best to give us a call or text. if we do not answer your call, please leave a voicemail so that we can get back to you promptly.

🌿A second list will become available once every order is filled. This may be pretty quick depending on egg production. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Otherwise, we look forward to a great hatching season with you all!

Hatching Eggs

- Hatching egg policy -


Hatching eggs will be available for local pick up or can be shipped within the continental U.S via the United States Postal Service. 

Eggs are shipped through USPS Priority 2-3 day shipping

We typically ship on Monday (Wednesday arrival), Wednesday (Friday arrival), and Saturday (Monday arrival), although these estimates for delivery may not always be accurate. We do not ship on holiday weekends to avoid delays.

We are able to comfortably ship a maximum of 3 dozen quail eggs per medium flat rate box for $15 and a maximum of 2 dozen chicken eggs per large flat rate box for $20.

Our hatching eggs are tested for fertility before we begin shipping and then throughout the hatching season. All eggs collected daily and stored in a cool, dry area. Any eggs that are heavily soiled or damaged will be discarded.

All eggs are shipped within 2-4 days of being collected maximum, unless otherwise noted. 

** We guarantee that the eggs will arrive to you in good condition, ready for incubation. HOWEVER, we cannot guarantee hatch rates due to a variety of factors (such as poor incubation methods, etc.) out of our control.**

- The risk of shipping hatching eggs -



- Purchase Policy for Chicks -

All of our chicks are sold as straight-run only, or as hatched. 

We do not vent sex any of our chicks at hatch and none of the breeds that we raise are auto-sexing.

We also choose not to vaccinate any of our chicks and instead strive to breed towards natural resistance. 

Finally, we require a minimum number of chicks to be purchased for the benefit and health of each chick that leaves our farm. Chicks do best in groups for a number of reasons.

The minimum number of chicks required for purchase is determined by the number of chicks we have available at that time. This number is typically around 4 for local pickup and 10 minimum for all shipments.